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There is a formula. Sub-trees are given to nations with at least 1 of these traits: close relationship (e.g. as allies) or similar technology, or both! The only "sub-trees" that go against this formula are Taiwanese vehicles in the Chinese tree, and a few DDR tanks in the German tree..

People's main gripe with the Chinese tech tree is copy and paste otherwise it is a very normal tech tree. But If you read the tittle I am saying that you should play this as your FIRST tech tree and the reasons are as follows. The entire tech tree (with premiums) is only 59 tanks, thats one of the smallest tech trees only being beaten by Sweden ...From War Thunder Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Aircraft: Helicopters: Researchable vehicles Premium vehicles; Helicopters become available for research and purchase only with the ownership of at least one Rank 5 vehicle of the corresponding nation. V Rank. Z-11WA. SA.342L Gazelle. VI Rank. Z-9W ␗OH-58D. Z-9WA ␗AH-1W. Z-19 ...Other than that I see no issue with these additions compared to for example Russian vehicles spread to western trees like Sweden or Britain, or even the US vehicles in the predominantly PRC top ranks of the Chinese tree. So as long as the addition is done fairly, the Chinese vehicles used by Thailand should not be an issue.

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Due to historical and political considerations, it is unacceptable for South Korea to join Japan's technology tree, but South Korea is too thin as a single technology tree, so I propose to combine Israel and South Korea, both of which are Allies of the United States, and South Korea is Israel's first free trade partner in East Asia, which shows the close relationship between the two countries.The ZTZ99-III is a version of the top-tier Chinese MBT with a welded turret, which will await players at rank VII of the Chinese ground forces tech tree with the release of the upcoming major update. Like its predecessors in the Chinese MBT branch, the ZTZ99-III is armed with a 125mm smoothbore cannon with ballistic characteristics and rate of ...This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. ... French air tech tree . ... Later J-8 models, J-10, and in the far future the Chinese Flankers, along with F5E AIDC, Mirage 2000-5, F-16 ...

Introduced during Update "Sons of Attila" as a reward for the 2023 Tokushu Heiki event and the first aerial main prize of seasonal event of Chinese tech-tree, F-100F now further extends its combat capability than ROCAF's F-100A thanks to its better payload for ground attack; while it can cause extensive damage to ground targets, be sure to take ...I see. Still, in my opinion, I would want for the VT-4 to be in Chinese Tech Tree, even if it’s classified as “Thai vehicle” (Similar to premium Sherman in other Tech Trees). And ,in it place, I would love to see TH-301 as the high tier tank, maybe before reaching Oplot-T(Object 478DU9-T). Thyssen-Henschel 301 (TH-301) had quite a story with Royal Thai Army. During the trial for new ...Britain anti-aircraft vehicles. Crusader AA. Crusader AA Mk I · Crusader AA Mk II. Wheeled. Staghound AA · AEC AA. Radar SPAAG. Chieftain Marksman. Missile SPAA. Stormer HVM.The Type 69-IIa shares very similar shells to a Type 59 with a rifled gun, but in the Type 69's case, it has slightly different types of shells. Since it is a premium tank, all the rounds onboard comes researched. One of the first stock shells, Type 1959 APDS, has high flat penetration but limited angled penetration, good for disabling shots to turret faces and gun mantlets but not the best ...Now, I would also like it if three entirely new tech trees could be added: Chinese Tech Tree: Nationalist (Including Taiwan.) and Communist Chinese aircraft and tanks tech trees. (+Yunnan.) North and South Korean aircraft and tanks sub-tech trees. North and South Vietnamese aircraft and tanks sub-tech trees. Scandinavian Tech Tree:

Please avoid Tech tree wish listing.Tech trees are much more complicated than vehicles.Tech trees need a separate thread for discussion It's the prototype of ZTZ-99, used as test platform. War Thunder — official forumIt was introduced in Update 1.91 "Night Vision" alongside with the Chinese tech-tree, the ZTZ59D1 is a comprehensive upgrade of the venerable Type 59. It includes a large number of modern features on a old chassis, rather like an AK-47 decked out with modern furniture and accessories.@CaID made a pretty well thought out ground forces tree a while ago, probably needs updating for the powercreep rank 6 has, but I think it's quite promising if we can somehow work around the aircraft issue.A lot of great work has been done to dig around and get a workable tree for the lower ranks, I would personally love to see the rank 5-6 Chinese vehicles as they look quite interesting. ….

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Playing the Chinese tree be like-. It was still the Nationalists back then, not the Communists. I mean it was both. The government was Nationalists. The Communists don't have their government yet, only that they benefited from the Nationalists providing them with equipment to fight the Japs together. Then after the war the Communists came out ...I do understand your concern. As stated at the beginning of the discussion; If the representation of Chinese Vehicles in Thai sub-tech tree under Japanese tech tree is unacceptable and causes quite a concern for those who deem it as offensive, I won't ask for those vehicles (Chinese vehicles) to be included under Thai sub-tech tree, but to appear in Chinese Tech Tree as its premiums.

This exists purely to supplement the tree incase this many aircraft is not enough for the developers. The vehicles inside the tree are almost entirely copies of vehicles already seen in the Russian and Chinese tech trees. Tech Tree +: And with that we come to a close for the South Korean Air Force tech tree. I hope this tree will provide proof ...I'm here on Official forum to present a work that kept us busy for over two months, making people from many different Countries co-operating, and costed us a lot in terms of time and energy for researches and technical problem. Now, at the end of our work, we are proud to present our Italian independent tech tree, made by 80 different aircrafts.

dietrich mothershead funeral home inc Vietnam being in the Chinese tech tree with the T-34 with twin 37mm in game. Thug Shaker Actual: The flag at a minimum needs to be changed to a dual flag icon. ... War Thunder - Official Forum. Mahiwew: another thing to point at is Italian aircraft that used to be in the German tech tree. baja fog lightmaga4life Using China's Tech Tree in War thunder after hearing it is the most beginner friendly and has a mix of different nations (USA and USSR). craigslist vt apartment War Thunder introduces a variety of new vehicles ranging from Russian helicopters to the first rank V naval vessels and the introduction of the Swedish tech tree for aircraft. The update also opens the Chinese tech tree to all players. ignition starter switch replacementbutler county pa gismacys clearance luggage Makes a lot more sense historically and honestly Korea should be a separate tech tree like Israel in my opinion (but only if the Siam-Japan tech tree gets going). It can be unlocked from rank 4 US, USSR or Japan and it makes sense, Korea only had tanks post-WW2.People's main gripe with the Chinese tech tree is copy and paste otherwise it is a very normal tech tree. But If you read the tittle I am saying that you should play this as your FIRST tech tree and the reasons are as follows. The entire tech tree (with premiums) is only 59 tanks, thats one of the smallest tech trees only being beaten by Sweden ... why is kay flock in jail Report post. Posted April 6, 2022. Cm11 is not worth it.Not only light tanks, China has a very rich number of tank vehicles in reality, and most modern tank vehicles are self-developed. But it is frustrating that this is not reflected in the game. Chinese tech tree tree should be paid enough attention. This is also a new economic growth point ... denso air compressorgx460 greendirections to nearest convenience store The Z-11WA is the first Chinese helicopter in the main tech tree. The Changhe Z-11 is a light helicopter closely resembling the French AS350 Écureuil (Squirrel) with minor detail differences, and this …Description. The CW-21 was a fighter interceptor based on the CW-19. Intended to be a high altitude fighter with good climb rate and good armament, it caught the interest of the Chinese government. China received 3 fully built CW-21s and 27 kits to be armed. Another three were sent to China and given to the Flying Tigers group.